Our Mission is to enable every girl
to be the best she can be throughout her life.

Wilderness School is grounded in values of a non-denominational Christian family tradition. The school is founded in the belief for unlimited kindness in relationships, joy in learning, a spirit of humility and the balance between seeking individual excellence and generous service to the community. These values guide every part of Wilderness School's culture, relationships, teaching and learning programs.

Redevelopment Project

Wilderness School has an ongoing commitment to provide learning environments that are progressive, vibrant and that meet the needs of the modern learner.

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Early Learning

Playgroup to 4 Year olds

The dynamic Early Learning Centre, the Mamie Brown and Annie Brown programs aim to create confident, independent learners who can also work well in a group. Children are encouraged to think independently, to embrace new challenges, to work collaboratively, to build new friendships and to celebrate their successes.

  • Playgroup
    Wilderness Playgroup invites girls and boys aged 0 – 3 to meet weekly with their parents during the school term. The children's development is enhanced through exploration, structured activities and games. At Playgroup, parents and children can spend valuable one on one time together as well as interacting with the group.
  • Learning Framework
    Who we are determines how we learn. At Wilderness we encourage your child to wander and wonder, to be stimulated by their surroundings, by new ideas and friendships.
  • Whole School Approach
    The atmosphere in every classroom at Wilderness School is positive, supportive and challenges each girl to achieve her best. Our aim is to foster a love of learning in our students so that they will be able to become independent learners who are confident, creative problem solvers and decision makers.
  • Enrolments
    We are pleased that you are considering enrolling your daughter at Wilderness and hope that it will be the beginning of a long and happy relationship. Applications to enrol your daughter at Wilderness can be submitted at any time. We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place for your daughter in your preferred entry year.

Junior School

Reception to Year 6

At Wilderness Junior School, we believe that optimal learning for young girls occurs in an environment which is stimulating, supportive and challenging, where girls are resilient and collaborate well with others.

  • Learning
    Our curriculum prepares our girls to be productive citizens in a changing society through active inquiry, authentic problem solving and critical and creative thinking.
  • Beyond the Classroom
    Our curriculum prepares girls for an ever-changing world through active inquiry, authentic problem solving and critical and creative thinking - we look beyond the classroom.
  • Individualised Learning
    It is our belief that powerful learning occurs when a student's individual needs, interests and abilities are acknowledged and catered for within a respectful and supportive environment.
  • Before & After School Care
    We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide your daughter with a safe environment in which she can explore and play and provide parents with a structured before and after School service.

Middle School

Years 7 - 9

The years of middle schooling, Years 7 to 9, are especially important since they are years of fundamental change during which attitudes to self and others are further established. These attitudes will form part of a girl's world view.

  • Learning
    It is vital that girls see themselves as having overcome challenges to be successful in a variety of endeavours. Girls in the Middle School demonstrate several stages and degrees of personal and social development. Our task is to extend their skills and abilities and to challenge them to examine their own attitudes and values
  • Beyond the Classroom
    As part of a balanced education, learning beyond the classroom encourages girls to explore and expand their horizons. It is our belief that this enables girls to learn valuable skills, gain independence and work effectively in teams.
  • Year 9 REALISE
    All Year 9 students at Wilderness School benefit from a unique and dynamic learning experience at our Crawford campus that reaches beyond the physical confines of the classroom.
  • Boarding Life
    Our philosophy at Wilderness is to make the boarding community a second family for the girls.

Senior School

Years 10 - 12

In the Senior School we aim to prepare girls for successful participation in a society in which knowledge is a key resource and in an economy which is becoming increasingly globalised. Intercultural sensitivity and competence and responsible citizenship will be important factors in their futures.

We aim to foster a social conscience and sense of personal autonomy in each of our students; girls work side by side with other girls in ways which enhance the learning experience for all. They not only learn to take responsibility for their own learning but participate with, and help, others.

  • Learning
    At Wilderness, we have taken a deliberate and carefully considered decision to concentrate on providing the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) curriculum for our senior secondary students.
  • Beyond the Classroom
    As well as knowing the girl as an individual, if we are to discover her strengths we must provide opportunities for her to test herself in a wide variety of endeavours.
  • Academic Results
    Our girls consistently achieve academic excellence, with over 68% placed in the top 10% in 2014.
  • Boarding Life
    Our philosophy at Wilderness is to make the boarding community a second family for the girls.

...when you sign up to be a Wildy girl, you’re immersed into a community where every girl is supported, encouraged, extended and inspired to engage herself in her passions, and in what matters. There is no passion or dream that cannot be fulfilled here...

Georgie Clarnette, President of the SRC 2013

Raising Amazing Girls

The challenges faced by our daughters growing up in the 21st century are vastly different from those we encountered.

Old Scholars

The Old Scholars' Association has over 4,000 members who create a vibrant network of women all over the globe.

Service in Nepal

Since 1998, Wilderness School and our generous community have helped shape the lives of the Annapurna community...

Supporting Nepal

20th May 2015
Over 9000kg of goods donated in 850 boxes on 52 pallets and a further 16 boxes of medical supplies all ready to be transported to our extended family in Kathmandu, plus $20,000 cash has been...

Touch Football heads to State Finals

20th May 2015
Congraulations to the Wilderness Senior Touch Football team who won through to the State Finals and will now compete next Friday, best of luck girls.