A student exchange program complements a student's formal education in important and exciting ways. Experiences at school, both in students' academic and co-curricular lives, provide the opportunities that will make them global citizens. Living in a boarding house or in a home with a local host family gives students the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of both the school and country and gain valuable interstate or international experience. Many of these programs combine the cultural experience of global travel with an outreach component allowing the students to see beyond their own world and truly understand their place in a global society.

Students also have the opportunity to learn a great deal about themselves in terms of resilience, perseverance and independence when coping with any difficulties they face during exchanges. In a competitive global world these are highly sought after qualities. Long after a student returns home from her exchange the experience will influence and inform her life. In addition, an exchange opportunity can provide a backdrop from which to make future study and career choices. Employers are increasingly alert to the benefits of student global exchanges. These experiences can set students apart from the crowd and mark them as someone who has proven themselves in challenging circumstances. There is no doubt that our girls are more than likely to live and work internationally.  It is therefore critically important that we give them the tools to get the most out of national and international opportunities.  Whatever their chosen career path,  picking up knowledge in the context of a completely different environment makes the learning a lot more powerful and the individual a great deal more employable.

Participation in these programs provides wonderful opportunities for students to embrace the challenges of living in a global community and facilitate the development of life-long friendships and enduring experiences. With global experiences being firmly embedded in the school philosophy, Wilderness provides a diverse range of programs such as language, cultural, boarding and student exchange programs to a range of states and countries.

Exchange programs provide invaluable rewards, where life skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation skills, cultural adaption and international understanding are cultivated.

Our exchange programs offered yearly are:
State/Country Year Level
Offered To
School Focus
Melbourne, Victoria 8 St Catherine's School » Reciprocal one week exchange
Darwin, NT 9

Essington School »

Reciprocal one week exchange
Havelock North, New Zealand 9 & 10 Woodford House » Boarding exchange, Four weeks
Grahamstown, South Africa 10 Diocesan School for Girls » Reciprocal 8 – 10 week exchange