Personalised Learning is a major focus for staff at Wilderness Junior School. It ensures that each girl's specific needs are met through the delivery of high quality educational programs. Teachers tap into the uniqueness of each learner by catering to different learning styles and using varied curriculum techniques and instruction. This differentiated curriculum is continually researched, implemented and evaluated for its impact on student outcomes.

Individual Learning Targets are developed for each girl in the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy. It is our belief that powerful learning occurs when a student's individual needs, interests and abilities are acknowledged and catered for within a respectful and supportive environment. All girls work towards achieving specific targets, which are continually appraised and reflected upon.

Our Individual Learning Targets pinpoint specific areas of need for those students requiring acceleration and support programs. In addition, students, teachers and parents work in partnership with Learning Support and Gifted Curriculum specialist staff to develop Individual Learning Plans and programs for students.

Thinking & Learning

Our strong commitment to developing our students' capacity to understand themselves as learners is evident through our rigorous Thinking and Learning Curriculum. This program runs parallel to, and is embedded within, the core curriculum from the first year of schooling. By providing a strong thinking and learning focus we equip girls with the skills to enable them to think for themselves, be self initiating, self modifying and self directing. Wilderness Junior School curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge, problem solving skills, cognitive processes, intellectual dispositions and habits of mind necessary to engage in lifelong learning. Core elements of our program include a Questioning and Thinking Skills Curriculum, Philosophy for all year levels and an in depth study of the Habits of Mind.

Students at Wilderness Junior School are encouraged to exhibit our school Values; Adventurous Learning, Responsible Citizenship, Respectful Relationships and a True and Courageous Self.