Girls make the transition to Middle School when they move into Year 7. By the time they have entered Year 8, they will have laid down strong foundations for future learning and begun to make some subject choices of their own. The years of middle schooling, Years 7 to 9, are especially important since they are years of fundamental change during which attitudes to self and others are further established. These attitudes will form part of a girl's world view.

Our aim is to develop confident, independent, resilient young women able to respect others and work collaboratively with them. To achieve this aim it is vital that girls see themselves as having overcome challenges to be successful in a variety of endeavours. Girls in the Middle School demonstrate several stages and degrees of personal and social development. Our task is to extend their skills and abilities and to challenge them to examine their own attitudes and values.

Co-curricular activities provide girls with opportunities to increase their confidence, broaden their friendships and develop leadership skills. These activities include the Student Representative Council, music ensembles, committees, clubs and sports.

The Thinking and Learning Curriculum, which is part of every girl's program, assists in the development of higher order thinking skills and the ability to interrogate and evaluate information. Girls work collaboratively and cooperatively and are encouraged to strive for their personal best in their study and in the many other activities available to them.


All Year 9 students at Wilderness School benefit from a unique and dynamic learning experience at our Crawford campus that reaches beyond the physical confines of the classroom.

Middle School Subjects

The Middle School years provide girls with the opportunity to experiment with different subjects to find out what they might pursue through their Senior School studies. For this reason, staff teach across the Middle and Senior Schools to ensure proper foundations for senior studies.

One to One

The 21st century is increasingly complex, global and networked. Research shows that improved access to technology enhances student learning outcomes and better prepares students to succeed in a rapidly changing and global context.


All girls are encouraged to undertake leadership roles throughout their time at Wilderness School. The academic program is at the heart of our daily activities, but life at Wilderness offers much more.

School Camps

As part of a balanced education, the program encourages girls to explore and expand their horizons. It is our belief that this enables girls to learn valuable skills, gain independence and work effectively in teams.