All Year 9 students at Wilderness School benefit from a unique and dynamic learning experience at our Crawford campus that reaches beyond the physical confines of the classroom. In this learning environment, students are supported to become capable, confident and connected young women who are resilient and resourceful in the face of challenges and uncertainty.

Wilderness has developed this program in keeping with our school values, our principles of learning and our existing curricula.

The program aims to challenge the girls using a team of qualified, supportive and encouraging staff. This enables girls the opportunity to discover that challenges can be faced and overcome with persistence and cooperation.

Girls Have the Opportunity To:

  • be independent individuals who take responsibility for themselves and apply the principles of sound nutrition and personal fitness during a critical period in their development
  • understand themselves through quiet contemplation and reflection
  • experience authentic learning within a natural and unfamiliar environment
  • build mutually supportive friendships and an enduring group spirit.
  • face challenges individually and as part of a team
  • practise intelligent behaviours that promote resilience, resourcefulness, responsible risk taking and reflectiveness
  • engage in critical, creative and caring thinking with mindfulness and deep understanding
  • contribute to the local community through service learning
  • explore further ways in which they can contribute to the sustainability of our physical environment.