Mug 'A' Love

Mug 'A' Love is a business that supplies re-decorated, recycled mugs with little goodies inside, including home-made chocolates and tea! It was created by Mia, Alanna, and Giselle. Our artsy, creative mugs are sure to draw in the attention of anyone. These make great gifts for birthdays and upcoming Christmas holiday! 

Instagram- @mug_a_love



Too Glazed To Be Fazed

Too Glazed To Be Fazed is a business selling homemade delicious doughnuts to the students and staff of Wilderness School, as we know Wildy has a love of food. We will be selling doughnuts once a week at recess for $3 each.







buzzworthy Bath Bombs are a locally owned business selling de-stressing and nourishing bath bombs, made with simple ingredients. Our mission is to deliver quality service and create a fun and carefree atmosphere for students. We use recyclable packaging for the greater good of our environment.

Facebook : @buzzworthybb 

Instagram: @buzzowrthy_bb 



Spa in a Jar

Spa in a Jar produces and sells a variety of beauty and spa products. All homemade, our products help our customers to destress and relax, while benefiting their bodies.  They also come in a range of gorgeous scents and eye-catching colours. Most of our products come in reusable jars, which can be used for decoration or storage after use, or returned to us for a free bath bomb! Spa in a Jar will be trading every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime up until Week 4, with fun specials each week! 

Instagram: spainajarbeauty



A Simple Pleasure

A Simple Pleasure is a small homemade candle making business that provides different scented, coloured, candles in a variety of different containers and moulds. The idea came from a hobby of one of the owners of the business and was then developed into a larger business. Contact details to purchase their product we can be reached from our Facebook and Instagram pages, just search A Simple Pleasure up on them! We can also be reached by the email:





Olla Pots

Our business is a variety of succulents in different jars, bowls and teacups.
Contact details: @ollas_pots on Instagram | 0417 362 563  





Keep it on the DL, a business created by Lia and Danae, sells prepared mixes of various baked goods (but predominantly brownies). The dry ingredients of certain recipes are aesthetically arranged in a jar, so that when brought home, all that needs to be done is to add the wet ingredients and to cook the dessert. It is extremely quick, easy, and eco friendly as the jar is completely reusable. Thanks to the striking, layered, outer appearance, these make gorgeous gifts and are perfect for everyone! Not only that, but if you visit their stand on their trading days, you will also be able to buy some pre-made munchies, guaranteed to make your day.

Contact details:
Lia’s email –
Danae’s email –
Social media: Instagram page: @munchiesmadequick| Facebook page:






Lily Coates Design

Lily Coates Design is owned and operated by Lily Coates. At Lily Coates Design Lily's original paintings, succulents and cards are for sale by the Running Track every Monday and Tuesday Weeks 2-6, Term 2 2016. For more like 'Lily Coates Design on Facebook   




Love Chai

Small business selling homemade and sugar free tea mix. Black tea infused with ginger, star anise, cinnamon and cardamom. 
45g of tea and 5 chai recipe cards for $8.  






Sweet Satisfaction

Sweet Satisfaction is the perfect business for the ultimate sweet tooth. Each week we sell a different type of confectionary based food. Week 2 we sold lolly bags, Week 3; chocolate fondue, Week 3; hot chocolate, and Week 4; chocolate coated treats. Since we decided to base our business on food we thought to change up what we were selling each week so that our customers (Wildy girls) would continue to purchase and enjoy the product.



Zhang & Ye's Boutique


Come to our stall on the RUNNING TRACK at LUNCHTIME on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to register! You can order ANY phone case you would like for ANY PHONE TYPE whatever your phone is HTC, HUAWEI, APPLE OR SAMSUNG!

For a UNIQUE one, please REGISTER on the stall then you will get your sole phone case around Week 5!