At Wilderness School we believe that the wellbeing of each girl is vital for her personal and academic success. This is central to the school’s mission “To enable each girl to be the best that she can be throughout her life”.

We talk about the ‘whole’ girl and act so that each girl can flourish by being taught the skills to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and meaning. By applying a research based approach to wellbeing across the school, we empower girls with the necessary tools to flourish.

Science of Positive Education

The movement of Positive Psychology has been growing in response to the need of shifting our thinking from how people survive to how they can truly flourish in life.

Whole School Approach

Wilderness has applied Positive Education across the school, starting with strategic planning and data collection to implementation of a school wide wellbeing program.

Pastoral Care

One of the special aspects of a Wilderness education is the sense of belonging that girls experience. Ours is a community where teachers, girls and families work together and value each other.

Raising Amazing Girls

The challenges and issues faced by our daughters as they grow up in the 21st century are vastly different from those that we encountered when we were at school.


All girls are encouraged to undertake leadership roles throughout their time at Wilderness School. Through the wider curriculum, students have the opportunity to find new interests and talents, broaden their circle of friends beyond their year level, adopt leadership positions and develop self assurance.

Character of Wellbeing

At Wilderness we believe that students benefit from being explicitly taught about wellbeing and their character strengths.

Thinking & Learning

We created this unique curriculum in 1996 to ensure that all Wilderness students have the opportunity to become independent, life-long thinkers and learners.

The Resilient Student

The Wilderness Resilience curriculum focuses on the mental health of students and is designed to increase their ability to face and deal with adversity.