At Wilderness we believe that students benefit from being explicitly taught about wellbeing and their character strengths. Every student in Middle School attends a weekly Character and Wellbeing class, which covers a variety of topics so that our students can learn skills to flourish. The curriculum is based on the latest research regarding wellbeing and neuroscience, including teaching Mind Lab which is focuses on the development of thinking abilities and life skills through strategy games. Character Strengths are taught and assessed as each individual has unique qualities in how they approach and deal with life. Character Strengths are the back bone of Positive Psychology and help students build upon their strengths, while studying other role models who exhibit specific strengths.

The aims of Character and Wellbeing Education is to provide:

  • a safe environment to further develop each girls’ understanding of who they are and how to develop their character strengths and necessary life skills so they can flourish
  • the opportunity for each student to study Positive Psychology and topics related to personal wellbeing
  • practice for students to further develop their personal skills such communication and collaboration skills and apply personal wellbeing concepts

A variety of teaching strategies caters for different learning styles and open-ended learning experiences ensure that all students are able to benefit from the curriculum according to their interests and talents.