True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.

Sheri L. Dew

All girls are encouraged to undertake leadership roles throughout their time at Wilderness School. The academic program is at the heart of our daily activities, but life at Wilderness offers much more. Through the wider curriculum, students have the opportunity to find new interests and talents, broaden their circle of friends beyond their year level, adopt leadership positions and develop self assurance.

Every girl benefits from the experience of being in a position of leadership. The roles may be formally recognized, for instance Year 9 Community Service Representative, Vice-Captain of the Netball Team or Stage Manager of the Drama Production, or more subtly, as leader of a reading discussion group in the classroom, operating as a mentor for a younger student or captaining a team during physical education. All roles are equally valued. Being an effective leader requires students to develop qualities and skills in themselves and to nurture those of others. Leadership at Wilderness is not only about formal positions, our students are encouraged to be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support for others or their involvement in sporting, cultural or local community events.

While students are leading they are also developing self-confidence and decision-making skills, learning about effective negotiation and teamwork, setting goals, enthusing others, learning how to win and lose graciously, making new friendships, improving their public speaking skills and much more. There are many opportunities at Wilderness for girls to experience leadership.

Girls can participate in a range of leadership courses and workshops. Clubs cater for interests as diverse as chess, writing, the environment, social justice and debating. Student leadership is also encouraged through class representation, the House system and student committees in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. All these leaders are elected by the girls themselves.

Sport provides opportunities for personal development. Girls can choose from cricket, tennis, volleyball, rowing, soccer, hockey, netball, water polo, basketball, lacrosse, athletics, swimming, gymnastics and cross country running. We encourage every girl to participate at a level appropriate to her ability and to be able to evaluate her performance both at a personal and team level. Sport allows all our students, whether Captain or team player, to develop qualities of commitment, teamwork and competitiveness as well as a positive attitude to personal fitness. We recognize that leadership qualities can be demonstrated by the all girls when given the right opportunities.

There are many ways in which to gain leadership experience at Wilderness. Training for leadership occurs at various points in the academic curriculum from Reception through to Year 12, in units designed to enhance the growth of individual awareness, self esteem and responsibility. When girls lead, they develop self-confidence, decision making, effective negotiation and teamwork skills.

Both formal and informal opportunities arise through our core academic curriculum as well as through participation in co-curricular activities:

  • Young Leaders Day
  • Eastern Schools Leadership Group
  • Buddies with an Independent Boys School
  • House Captain Program
  • WJSSC Leadership Program
  • Student Foundation
  • Form Captain
  • Active for Life
  • Community Care
  • Environment
  • Green Team
  • School Image
  • Junior Library
  • Student IT
  • Student Curriculum
  • Peer Support
  • Social Justice
  • Community Service