The challenges and issues faced by our daughters as they grow up in the 21st century are vastly different from those that we encountered when we were at school. Growing up isn't always easy and childhood and adolescence are made complex by the many influences that abound in an increasingly complex social and digital world.

At Wilderness we are constantly striving to ensure that we remain aware of and alert to the pressures and social norms that our girls face at all stages of their development. We share with our parents the responsibility to adapt to and respond to the many challenges our girls face and to give them the strategies and knowledge to make the best decision for safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Raising Amazing Girls program was designed to provide opportunities for our staff and our girls to hear from and work with some of the best speakers from around Australia who share their expertise to support our endeavours to build resilience and wellbeing in all our girls.

A successful education however can only be achieved in partnership between home and school. In order for us to share and support each other on the journey, it is of inestimable benefit if parents also participate in this program. This ensures that our parents are hearing the same information as their daughter, enabling parents to have deep and worthwhile conversations with their daughters to help them to face the challenges of growing up successfully by making good choices that are well informed.

2017 Program


Cultures of Thinking

Guest Speaker: Ron Ritchhart 
When: Wednesday 22 February

Brochure: CLICK HERE

Cyber Safety Solutions

Guest Speaker: Susan McLean
When: Tuesday 11 April
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The world our children are growing up in is becoming increasingly complex. Our role as parents can be challenging as we try to understand the pressures they face during each stage of their development and as we navigate their online world and support them to make healthy decisions for themselves and in their relationships with others. At Wilderness, we are committed to a whole school approach to wellbeing and we know we walk alongside our parents in this journey.

With this in mind we are proud and excited to have recently launched Wilderness SchoolTV.  SchoolTV is a unique online resource delivering powerful and credible information to empower parents with the skills to address common issues facing young people today. SchoolTV provides a powerful resource for parents, about specific topics, delivering reputable information from leading specialists. SchoolTV is a monthly eNewsletter which is emailed to our parents. 

Content is based around major topics of influence and are delivered via a series of short accessible videos. Each month a new topic will be presented and introduced by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a leading child and adolescent psychologist.

Some topics will include:

• Youth Anxiety
• Depression
• Digital Reputation
• Screen Addiction
• Drug and Alcohol use • Cyberbullying
• Social Networking
• Self-harm and Suicide

We hope that you will find this a useful and informative tool to support you in your most important role, raising happy, well and resilient girls.