The Wilderness Resilience curriculum focuses on the mental health of students and is designed to increase their ability to face and deal with adversity. Work on the Resilience curriculum began in 1999 after discussions among senior members of staff and shared professional readings on the subject of depression in young people. After much research, consultation with students and investigation into similar school-based programs in Australia and overseas, the first aspects of the curriculum were implemented in 2000 with Year 9 and Year 10 classes. Today, it is taught in the Junior School, R-6, and at important developmental stages in the Middle and Senior Schools.

The Resilience curriculum addresses mental health issues, promotes optimism and equips students with strategies for dealing with adversity. The concept of Emotional Intelligence is taught and its implications for learning, working and living are explored. Age-appropriate resources such as self-help books, poetry, prayers, movies, websites, quotations and pop music are also incorporated into the curriculum. There is on-going professional learning and refinement of our curriculum by staff, as new research emerges in the fields of mental health, resilience and well-being.

At Wilderness, we believe strongly that a comprehensive approach to building resilience and addressing mental health issues is critical to the development of positive young minds.